A kitten from Krasnoyarsk got hit by a car and drove through the city 15:39

A driver from Krasnoyarsk found a kitten under the bumper of the car that was driving with him on one of the longest streets in the city. about what happened said TVK channel on Telegram channel.

As Anastasia said, she left the house in the morning, got into the car and went to work. After crossing the entire Sverdlovskaya street (more than 10 kilometers), he stopped at the traffic lights and heard a meow.

“You should have seen my eyes when I heard a meow on the radio. I was soaked with boiling water. There’s a kitten somewhere under the car! What if it gets stuck? And if the engine was injured or burned? But everything went well. The kitten is alive, has a little cold, has “friends” – parasites, but we are already being treated, ”the girl shared.

Under the rear bumper, the kitten went from the Nikolaevsky Bridge to Matrosov Street. Now the animal is looking for owners.

similar situation dead last year, a cat from Bryansk drove almost 200 kilometers under the hood of a car.

Source: Gazeta


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