Domestic electric vehicles “KAMA” may appear in the capital’s carsharing and taxis

The Moscow government is calling for as many Russian-made electric vehicles as possible to appear on the streets of the capital. This makes the air cleaner and the city itself quieter.

The Ministry of Transport notes that the most demand for electric vehicles will be in large cities. They can create taxi and car-sharing parks. And these are not just words of approval.

Since 2019, the Energy of Moscow program has been operating in the capital, making the purchase of electric vehicles by residents of the city and companies operating in them more profitable. And in 2021, at the federal level, the “Concept for the development of the production and use of electric road transport in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030” was adopted, especially developing the infrastructure for electric transport.

Iya Gordeeva, President of the Association for the Development of Electric, Unmanned and Connected Transport and Infrastructure (AETI):

— The operation of electric vehicles is especially effective in large cities. No emissions, quiet operation, no vibrations – all these features of an electric car make room for people to live comfortably and environmentally friendly. Now Moscow has all the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles – the city is installing new modern chargers and equipping special parking spaces. Launching cars with electric motors in shared and taxi services is important for a densely populated metropolis like Moscow. This solution will help to relieve the city’s ecology and reduce traffic noise.

And the appeal of an innovative, small and easy-to-park electric car like Kama will allow the services to expand the circle of their users.

And now the government of Moscow has signed a cooperation agreement with JSC KAMA, a developer of modern electric cars and IT solutions for them.

Domestic Electric Vehicles

KAMA JSC is expected to present prototypes of the first Russian electric vehicle by 2024. The Moscow government, for its part, will do everything it can to ensure that these cars appear in the capital as soon as possible.

Domestic Electric Vehicles

Maxim Liksutov, Head of the Department of Transport and Development of the Road Transport Infrastructure of the City of Moscow:

— Moscow is one of the world leaders in the number of taxis and carsharing, and on behalf of the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, we support the use of electric vehicles — we pay companies double the subsidy for the purchase of electric cars. We are also ready to help domestic manufacturers get their electric cars to taxi and car-sharing parks. We have entered into a partnership with KAMA JSC and we will support the company in the rapid rise of Russian electric vehicles on the roads of the capital.

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