Volkswagen will return to coal consumption amid risk of Russian gas shortages

The power plant, which feeds the Volkswagen Group’s main automobile factory in Wolfsburg (Germany), will be temporarily converted to coal consumption due to the risk of gas shortages in Russia, informs

Last week, Russian Gazprom stopped gas distribution to Poland and Bulgaria in connection with the refusal of these countries to switch to payments in rubles. The company also said that the new form of payment for gas in Russian currency also applies to other countries.

According to Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess, the conversion of the power plant in Wolfsburg to coal is a temporary measure until the situation is resolved.

By the way, according to the publication, Mercedes-Benz is also looking for alternative energy sources in case Russia cuts gas supplies to Germany. Now the company has started to cooperate closely with the country authorities to develop solutions to provide uninterrupted power supply.

happened before knownHe said that the leadership of the German concern Volkswagen has decided to extend the suspension of car production at the GAZ Group plant until September.

Source: Gazeta


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