Two more new Chinese crossovers: waiting in Russia

The new Omoda 3 and Omoda 7 crossovers will join the Chinese brand’s range in Russia and Kazakhstan.

True, dealers should wait for them no earlier than 2024.

The compact crossover Omoda 3 is a restyled version of the well-known Chery Tiggo 2 in Russia, but with the PRO prefix. In China, the car will be sold under the name Chery Tiggo 3x and will enter the Russian market under the Omoda brand. The price is not yet known, neither in the domestic market nor outside China.

Two more new Chinese crossovers: waiting in Russia

The flagship crossover Omoda 7 will receive two versions. One is destined for the parent brand Chery and the second will appear under the Omoda brand, destined for Russia, among others. The estimated cost in China is 100,000 yuan (1.1 million rubles).

  • Currently, only the Omoda C5 crossover is available for order in Russia.
  • “Drive” can be read in Viber.

Source: Chinese cars

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