ChatGPT and Bing neural networks taught to spread disinformation 09:01

ChatGPT and Bing chatbots from OpenAI and Microsoft, respectively, have learned to quote each other to spread fake news. Portal reports Border.

One of the users of the Hacker News forum joked that the Bard neural network that Google had introduced earlier was decided to be shut down. Another user used ChatGPT to fake news about this “event” using a chatbot.

When Bard was asked when it would close, he said it had already closed, choosing “Hacker News” as the source. When a similar question was asked to Bing, it also confirmed that Bard had been shut down. At the same time, the chatbot already had links to six resources.

“It all started because of a joke on Hacker News. Think what you could do if you really wanted to disable these chatbots,” The Verge says. Portal pointed out that this ridiculous situation could have serious consequences. Given that artificial intelligence cannot distinguish truth from falsehood Without any control, chatbots can create false information flows that spread rapidly over the Internet and mislead people.

Formerly we talked about itOpera browsers have built-in ChatGPT and AI-based hints.

Source: Gazeta


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