Novosibirsk lawmakers used flamethrowers to combat sleet on the road 19:16

Deputies of the Novosibirsk City Council used a flamethrower to melt the ice on the city street. informs “To climb”.

One of the participants in the action, Vasily Strekalov, told the publication that there are places in Novosibirsk where the sun melts the precipitation during the day and the water turns into ice at night. The official emphasized that the flamethrower used to melt the ice is a household appliance.

“Just take it and dry it to dry the asphalt. That’s it, the problem is gone. This is not a direct military unit, but for domestic and recreational purposes. There is no serious danger from him, ”Strekalov told the broadcast.

According to the deputy, he plans to continue experiments to de-ice the asphalt surface – specifically using a vibrating plate with a special nozzle, which is used to compact newly laid asphalt.

Previously, St. It was learned that the court in St. Petersburg. selected a restraining measure for a Ford driver who crashed into six pedestrians on the pavement.

Source: Gazeta


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