Court, St. Takes a preventive measure for Ford driver who hit pedestrians in St. Petersburg 18:52

The St. Petersburg Krasnoselsky District Court has chosen a restraining measure in the form of a ban on certain actions for Ruslan Gvazava, who the day before hit six pedestrians at the intersection in Krasnoye Selo (part of St. Petersburg). In this respect reported on the Telegram channel of the city courts joint press service.

The press service said that the driver “Lenin Ave. and st. At the green traffic light on May 1, next to an oncoming Renault Kaptur.

The Renault driver was turning left at that moment. Driving a Ford, Gvazava hit the pavement and crashed into six people, three of whom were children. It is known that a girl born in 2013 suffered serious bodily harm. Court materials emphasize that the speed of about 60 km / h, chosen by the Ford driver, did not give him constant control over the movement of the car.

The court chose a restraining measure in the form of a ban on certain actions during the investigation of Ruslan Gvazava. In particular, it is forbidden to use cars and other vehicles.

There was an accident in Red Village the previous day. Collision with pedestrians hit in the video. driver before loyalty an accident without being aware of the traffic situation.

Source: Gazeta


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