Russia could lose expensive Lexus and Toyota models on Monday

On March 25, the Japanese government package Sanctions against Russia concern a number of businessmen and officials, cooperation with Russian companies and the export of a number of goods belonging to the luxury category. Detailed terms of these measures are scheduled to be made public early next week.

At the same time, the ban on the export of luxury goods from Japan to Russia will affect, among other things, expensive cars, to solve Kyodo news agency cited a Japanese government source.

Japan applies its sanctions symmetrically with the measures taken by the European Union against Russia before. It is assumed that exports of luxury cars will be limited to the independent automobile industry of about 50 thousand euros (5.3 million rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation), as in the EU example. consultant Sergei Burgazliev was convinced.

That price point cuts through most of Lexus’ exports, with only UX and NX compact crossovers and export-friendly ES sedans.

Even in the basic version, this mark is exceeded by the LS sedan, LC coupe, RX crossovers, as well as GX and LX SUVs.

In addition, expensive Toyota models such as the Land Cruiser 300 SUV and the Alphard minivan were also attacked. In the Infiniti model range, the QX80 model is above this bar (from 6.9 million rubles, according to the price list on the website), Mazda has the most expensive versions of the CX-9 crossover, and Mitsubishi has the Pajero Sport SUV.

“I think the price restraint criteria will be comparable to the European criteria. Lexus and Infiniti could be hit the hardest.”

– Sergey Burgazliev, an independent consultant in the automotive industry, notes in an interview with – Unfortunately, the Infiniti brand has lost ground due to global problems. For Lexus, this will be a very tangible blow.”

The expert adds that in terms of market volumes, Japanese brands in Russia are not as strong as European ones – Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and other cars are sold several times more in our country.

Automotive columnist Igor Morzharetto says nearly all Japanese premium cars produced in factories in Japan are at risk from the new sanctions.

“Of the vehicles delivered to us, this is a uniquely updated Toyota Land Cruiser and costs a lot more than 50,000 euros. Also, this car is scarce in Japan,

– Morzharetto notes in an interview with – A Highlander was delivered to us from an American factory (the USA banned the export of cars to the Russian Federation – “.

There is still a lot of uncertainty on the market: even before the imposition of sanctions, Morjaretto concluded that the supply of cars of most foreign brands, including those from Japan, has already been suspended.

Russian subsidiaries of Japanese companies do not yet know how to react to information received from Japan, but they talk about the importance of the market to the business.

“Infiniti constantly monitors the current situation and analyzes the impact and impact of sanctions on business in Russia,” Artem Derbenev, Infiniti’s Russia Public Relations Manager, told –

The Russian market remains one of the most important markets for Infiniti, leaving the market is not discussed.”

Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi did not answer questions about models that could leave the Russian market due to the Japanese government’s restrictive measures, and how the material is more available in Russia at the time of publication.

Former EU officials announced On the ban on the export of cars to Russia exceeding 50 thousand euros. Such restrictions affect a significant part of the premium brand range: in the Mercedes-Benz model range, some versions of C-Class cars already exceed this bar, and in the BMW 3 Series.

US restrictions prohibit the delivery of almost all categories of cars to Russia, but they also apply only to legal entities.

Japan plans to ban the supply of luxury goods to Russia, including cars, from next week. Lexus, Infiniti, as well as expensive Mazda and Toyota models were under attack. About which Japanese cars the Russians can probably no longer buy – in the material.

Source: Gazeta


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