He worked under the pseudonym Malysh. What is known about the SBU spy detained in Moscow

detained in Moscow suspicion of espionage The Kharkiv native was recruited by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) almost a year ago, in April 2021. He explained this himself during the interrogation, the video of which was released today, March 25.

“He was recruited by the Ukrainian Security Service in April 2021. The SBU officer’s name is Anton. There is no further information about him,” he said. TASS.

He added that he works under the operational pseudonym Malysh and that his job is to “collect information about pro-Russian journalists and those who oppose the Ukrainian authorities.”

According to the press service of the FSB in Moscow and the Moscow region, “Rudas AV, who has dual citizenship of Ukraine and Poland, was detained while trying to obtain data on military personnel participating in a special operation. operations Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

Dual citizenship, “dual” agent

In addition, Rudas himself said that he was previously recruited by Polish intelligence. “2015 or 2016. I studied at the National Defense Academy. Considering that we have a strong friendship with the Ukrainian officers and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, this offer was accepted.

“Of course they offered some advantages, but they still offered it at the expense of the evidence: I had a fake Polish card and my wife. The documents were forged there. And so the work began. Options were offered, a possibility was suggested,” he said, adding that he was working under the pseudonym Lis and interacting with an employee of the Polish Intelligence Agency named Bartholomew Bartkiewicz.

Rudas stated that he gave information about students from Belarus and Ukraine.

Assignment in Russia

As the FSB reported, he arrived in Moscow in 2019 and entered “one of the leading Russian universities at the Faculty of Political Sciences to expand operational capabilities for intelligence activities.” It is alleged that Malysh also collected and relayed information about Ukrainian political scientists and journalists working in Russia on the orders of the SBU and who “do not support the Kyiv regime”.

“During interrogation, the suspect admitted to cooperating with the SBU, he explained the conditions of his employment, the nature of the tasks performed and the methods of conveying information to the SBU,” said the FSB.

Now the law enforcement is making up all the details of the case and revealing the Ukrainian agent’s connections in Russia. DEA News” . According to the “espionage” article, he can be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

as he wrote RBC, the name of the detainee – Rudas Andrey Vitalievich – appears in the list of applicants for the MGIMO master’s program in the direction of “Political Science” in 2019. In 2020, with a project called “Experience of organizing a protest youth movement in Ukraine: actors and technologies,” according to the publication. “Lessons for Russia” applied to participate in the competition of scientific projects of basic research in the field of social and political sciences under the auspices of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and EISI.

We add that on Friday the FSB also reported the detention of a Khabarovsk resident suspected of “trying to pass on classified information to the special services of Ukraine during a special operation.” A treason case was brought against him (Article 275 of the Criminal Code), details were not disclosed.

In response, on March 22, the head of territorial defense of the Kyiv region, Igor Sabiy, said that 159 people suspected of collaborating with Russia were detained in the region. According to him, these are people from 14 sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

Sabiy also said the “cleaning” process is ongoing. If the Russian spies had been detected earlier, they would not have been able to transmit information about the deployment of Ukrainian troops to the Russian Federation. there would be no checkpoints and no Russian special operations”.

On February 24, the RF Armed Forces launched a military operation to demilitarize Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin described his goal as “protecting people who have been subjected to eight years of bullying and genocide by the Kyiv regime.”

Russian special services detained an SBU agent under the pseudonym Malysh. He tried to gather information about the participants in the military special operation in Ukraine. As he himself claims, a native of Kharkov was recruited by the SBU in April 2021. According to him, the task was to gather information about Ukrainian political scientists and journalists working in Russia who “do not support the Kyiv regime”. He faces up to 20 years in prison. Read more in the article “socialbites.ca”.

Source: Gazeta


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