Used car prices fell as the ruble strengthened noted that since the beginning of this week, used car dealers have greatly reduced the cost of their lots on classified sites. On average, the trend of falling prices is 5-10%, nominally measured in hundreds of thousands of rubles.

For example, in Balashikha near Moscow, the seller of an 11-year-old Skoda Octavia (980 thousand rubles) reduced the price by 70 thousand rubles a week after the publication of the announcement. The owner of a two-year-old Kia Rio (1.15 million rubles) in Moscow asked for 100 thousand rubles for a car. less than originally planned, and in 2014 the seller of Hyundai Solaris (850 thousand rubles) threw in 50 thousand rubles. – less than a week after he decided to sell the car.

A similar situation is observed in the regions. For example, in Tyumen, the owner of the Skoda Yeti reduced the price by 60 thousand rubles. one week after the announcement was posted. In Chelyabinsk, the same car was cheaper by 40 thousand rubles. In Nizhny Tagil, the Skoda Karoq is sold for 100 thousand rubles. cheaper than the owner expected two weeks ago.

Used car prices began to fall in car dealerships as well.

Thus, the price of the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan crossover fell at once by almost 200 thousand rubles. “Avilon” in Moscow. The dealer representative announced that the car was sold at old prices as part of the campaign launched due to the deteriorating demand.

“Sales have fallen due to the economic situation. “There are a certain number of cars we can sell at the February price right now,” he says.

Another dealer, Rolf Altufievo, reduced the price of Renault Logan by 35,000 rubles. Two days after the ad was posted.

This happened as part of the discount and due to the effect of exchange rates.

said the dealership manager.

In most cases, private sellers explain the changes in their expectations by the fact that they will not be able to sell cars for a long time, in an interview with a correspondent.

Many car owners who have already lowered the price agree to additional bargaining.

Get it even cheaper

The used car market has overheated – people are no longer ready to overpay, said Sergey Udalov, general director of the Avtostat analytical agency. He predicts that in the near future the situation will become more favorable for buyers.

“First the cost was inflated, now there is a reverse trend as people stop buying cars. “Anyone who really needs it or sees it as an investment has already bought everything,” he says.

Private sellers will adjust prices by a maximum of 15%,

I’m sure Jan Haytseer, vice president of the National Automobile Association (USA).

“If unfriendly countries notice and close the channels through which new cars enter Russia, used car prices will rise again,” he warns.

The source said that most of the used cars are at official dealerships who get them for a certain amount through the barter system. If the car was bought by a dealer at a higher price, then the specialist is confident that it will be kept with this price tag “until victory”, trying to recoup the costs.

Heizeer advised used-car buyers to ignore listings of expensive, high-mileage vehicles due to high repair and maintenance costs. In addition, due to the high demand in the secondary market over the past year, there were almost no liquid cars left, Maxim Shelkov, head of the avtocriminalist expert center, told

“It cannot be said that there is not a single illiquid product left on the market, but a “live” car is extremely difficult to find – and it will be expensive. Many large companies participating in the selection do not undertake to look for a car cheaper than a million rubles, ”Semyon Didenko, an entrepreneur engaged in automatic selection, told

According to a study by the Drome portal, by the end of February, prices for used cars increased by 13%, while the average cost of a car on the secondary market amounted to 1 million 458 thousand rubles. Used car demand increased by a third, with the biggest interest in Lada, Kia, Hyundai and Toyota. learned that in Russia, against the background of the strengthening of the national currency, dealers of used cars drastically reduced prices by tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of rubles. People have stopped buying cars from them because of the inflated prices, experts explain, and predict the numbers in the ads will drop even more.

Source: Gazeta


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