About a quarter of Russian drivers voted against polite driving

The majority of drivers in Russia (76%) consider themselves polite drivers. Such data come from a sociological survey of the Avto.ru service (available from socialbites.ca). Almost a quarter of Russian drivers do not consider themselves careful and sensitive drivers: 13% honestly stated that they directly neglected good behavior on the road, and 11% believe that courtesy is useless if traffic rules are followed.

“The courtesy of drivers is manifested in the observance of the so-called “implied” rules of the road, which are not specified in the traffic rules. For example, 67% of respondents wink with an “emergency gang” as an expression of gratitude when given a maneuver. According to the Avto.ru study, every fifth (21%) will not refuse to help those who stand on the road, and another 10% will not refuse to help with a wheel change.

The survey also showed that 20% of citizens nodded gratefully, and 13% made a characteristic hand gesture. Only 9% of the participants do not thank other drivers in any way. More than half (56%) of drivers turn off their headlights at night to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers, and if the vehicle behind them flashes their headlights from behind, 43% of respondents give way to their lane to overtake.

Source: Gazeta


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