An eyewitness told of a major accident on the Novorizhskoye Highway: “they were on summer tires”

At least four dozen cars collided on Moscow’s Novorizhskoye Highway, Victor, who witnessed the accident, told

“We had an accident around 8 am and we counted 47 cars. There were traffic police inspectors and an ambulance. Some cars were badly damaged, some were slightly damaged,” he said.

Viktor suggested that the ice on the road could cause a major accident – some drivers have already rushed to “change shoes” in their cars for summer tires.

“The highway was not clean and we saw a car on summer tires in a traffic jam. Traffic police inspectors must draw conclusions. I think someone was in a hurry, maybe he skidded and it happened in a big creek,” Victor said.

According to previous media reports, an accident involving twenty cars occurred on the 45th kilometer of the M9 highway in the direction of Moscow in the Istra region. According to the Ministry of Interior, no casualties were reported in the incident. Crumpled and broken cars stand on the side of the road for a kilometer.

Source: Gazeta


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