State Duma proposes to develop a “penalty system” for drivers of electric scooters

The Supreme Court of Russia recognized electric scooters as a vehicle. Andrei Kolesnik, a member of the Transport and Development Committee of the State Duma Transport Infrastructure, in an interview with, said that in this regard, Russia should develop a punishment system for electric scooter drivers.

“The fine system, like everywhere else, needs to be improved. Basically, people need to be educated. Pedestrians used to be fined, now only drivers are fined. But it cannot be unidirectional. Everyone is responsible for road safety, both occupants and pedestrians. There has to be a form of federal law, up until now only the Supreme Court, and it must regulate a specific system of laws and statutes. This is a long overdue issue, so we need to do it faster, but not at the expense of quality, of course. This is serious business,” he said.

Former Supreme Court of Russia accepted Legal provision of the Rules of the Road (SDA) that allows electric scooters to qualify as vehicles. At the same time, the representative of the Attorney General stated that the law cannot provide a complete list of vehicles. However, electric scooters can be classified as vehicles due to their speed of movement.

Source: Gazeta


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