An American dried a sunken Audi in a hurricane with two tons of rice 18:41

American YouTube blogger Rich Benoit, who specializes in car restoration, tried to restore the Audi e-tron car, which was damaged by the results of the hurricane, to working condition. An American used more than 1.9 thousand kg of rice to dry an electric car, informs Drive.

A seawater-damaged electric Audi with a range of 2.6k miles (4.1kkm) has been purchased by a blogger at the Copart auction, which specializes in selling broken and damaged cars. The car could not move under its own power. For drying, the machine was placed in a specially made box filled with expired rice. The machine had to be hermetically sealed with a waterproof cloth to prevent the rice from absorbing moisture from the surrounding air.

A few days later, the grits were removed, which helped start the car and get it moving. At the same time, the machine continued to display numerous error codes indicating malfunctions.

Earlier it became known that there was a man in Irkutsk. dead on fire trying to save a car from a burning garage.

Source: Gazeta


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