Capital of Culture: Crows began to obey traffic rules in St. Petersburg (video)

Another video with the hashtag #culturalcapital is going viral on social networks – this time the heroine is a crow crossing the road at a zebra crossing. The video was filmed by a VCR in a car driving towards a zebra crossing. A dialogue takes place in the car between a man and a woman: when they notice a crow walking past a zebra, they decide to let him through.

Yes, and how not to miss it if the bird follows the rules of the traffic rules, and as if doing it with pride, sitting upright and slightly spreading its wings. It is interesting that many commentators preferred not to look for explanations for the crow’s behavior (for example, to find out why it simply did not fly over the road), but to use their usual skepticism. However, there were also those who answered them – and suddenly a dialogue came from Chekhov’s height, explaining a lot in “our modern age”:

– Me too, news. You can see hundreds of these birds per year.

“There are many birds, but few such people!”

  • “Behind the Wheel” can be seen on RuTube

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Video: VKontakte / Main Road

Source: Z R


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