In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, an unidentified person stole a Toyota and a taxi with a passenger within two hours at 11:00 am.

Police in the Krasnoyarsk Territory are looking for an unidentified man who stole two cars, including a taxi and a passenger, within two hours. In this respect reported On the Telegram channel of the regional office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The abductions occurred the previous day in the Berezovsky district. First, in the village of Terentyevo, the attacker got behind the wheel of a Toyota Probox, whose owner left the keys in the ignition. In this stolen car, the criminal got into a ditch and was forced to abandon it.

Two hours later, at the gas station, a Honda Civic with a passenger got behind the wheel of a taxi. When asked where the driver was going, the hijacker replied that he was now a taxi driver. At the passenger’s request, the perpetrator helped the passenger to get the bag out of the trunk and left after a short while.

Earlier it was learned that there was a truck in Irkutsk. pushed Mitsubishi Lancer sedan crashing into a kiosk.

Source: Gazeta


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