An auto expert mentioned a common way of stealing cars in the winter 12:14

During the winter, car thieves often steal cars with electronically tampered alarms while the car’s engine is warming up in the yard. Andrey Kondrashov, head of Andrey Kondrashov’s Laboratory, specializing in anti-theft protection, told about this.

“The owner comes to the car, opens it, starts the engine, closes the door and starts sweeping the snow off the car. But as soon as he initially neutralizes the car, the alarm code (code catcher – is captured by hijackers who are nearby within a radius of 50 m, and when they began to clear the snow, the car simply turned off, ”Kondrashov explained to Newspaper.Ru .

Having discovered that the working car turns itself off, almost all car owners decide to go home for a second key. He added that at this time, criminals often leave the driver’s cell phone and documents in the cabin while they get in and out. To avoid such a situation, you should not leave a running car unattended if its doors suddenly close.

“Not all alarms are subject to this type of hacking, devices that support speech code with individual encryption keys are not suitable for it,” Kondrashov concluded.

Formerly Andrey Kondrashov said “Gazette.Ru” can they steal a working car if the chip key remains with its owner?

Source: Gazeta


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