The trick of experienced motorists when installing spark plugs

In addition to candles, this lubricant can also be used on other threaded connections that operate under thermal stress.

These are glow plugs found in diesel engines, nozzles, exhaust system gaskets, etc.

But is this lubricant really as effective as commonly believed? And what to do if it is not at hand?

Expert opinion

Alexey Revinexpert “Behind the wheel”:

– Lubricant for the threaded portion of the spark plugs really makes it easier to unscrew them the next time you replace them. Only it should not be, but special, high temperature. In addition, it can be copper or ceramic based. The latter is considerably more expensive.

On the Internet it is sometimes advised to apply graphite grease to the threads of candles. You should not do this, because it is not sufficiently refractory and the remains of the oil base can burn.

However, if you are going to change the candles and it turns out that there is no special lubricant, it is quite possible to get by with improvised means. It is enough to find a simple pencil with a low hardness lead. Rub the wire with a stylus and wrap the candle in place without resistance. And just as easily she turns off after a few years and many thousands of kilometers. There is noticeably less oil base in the pencil lead, so there is no danger of burning.

The trick of experienced motorists when installing spark plugs

Keep in mind

For installing injectors and glow plugs in diesel engine cylinder heads, there is no substitute for special non-stick lubricants. And don’t skimp on lube. Unsuccessful disassembly of these nodes sometimes leads to the need to remove the cylinder head.

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