The Russian woman chastised the delivery service for the noise and panting under the windows

A resident of the northern capital complained to the court that the food delivery company was constantly loading and unloading something with a roar under its windows, and the exhaust fumes from its cars left literally nothing to breathe.

In the lawsuit, she noted that contact with the poisoned environment causes a general weakening of the body in her and her children.

In addition, the noise level from the street exceeds the permitted level, making a good night’s sleep impossible.

The court agreed with her arguments and demanded 70,000 rubles in compensation for immaterial damage in her favor. The required amount was debited from the company’s bank account and transferred to the woman.

It is striking that the company has already been fined three times for noise nuisance.

Requires 7,000 tires in popular sizes

Without ties, public order cannot be guaranteed, medical care cannot be provided to those who need it.

“Behind the wheel” together with the Popular Front began to collect funds that will be used to purchase tires for cars of the People’s Police and operational services of the LPR and DPR: ambulances, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, vehicles delivering humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Donbass, and army equipment. You can make your contribution
on the collection page.


Source: Z R


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