Top 10 brands in November with the most failed sales

Since January, the picture of the market has changed significantly, with the Europeans and Japanese selling the leftovers, freeing up space for Chinese brands.

November 2022 was marked by a 61.6% drop in new car sales, or 74,563 units compared to November 2021, with sales of 46,403 vehicles, according to the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee.

If we only talk about cars, then the following brands are the worst selling:

  • Lexus – 2 pcs. (-100% compared to November 2021)
  • Honda-4 PCS. (-99%)
  • Porsche-11 PCS. (-98%)
  • Volvo-12 PCS. (-98%)
  • Mitsubishi-13 PCS. (-100%)
  • Subaru-22 PCS. (-91%)
  • Jeep-27 PCS. (-73%)
  • GAC-31 PCS. (-82%)
  • Opel-32 PCS. (-78%)
  • Suzuki-35 PCS. (-93%)

In terms of sales dynamics, brands are the worst DFM – minus 123%; Lexus, Mitsubishi — minus 100%; Toyota — minus 99%; Volvo and Porsche – minus 98%.


The AEB data does not include sales figures from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, as these companies have moved from monthly reporting to quarterly reporting. And they don’t include Chery sales data by decision of the manufacturer’s headquarters.

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