3 good reasons to buy an old Vesta instead of a new Grant

A new budget car is bought by those who expect reliable service from it for many years.

But there is an opportunity to buy an equally reliable, technologically advanced and comfortable car, says Kirill Mileshkin, an expert at Za Rulem, the oldest and most authoritative automotive publication in Russia.

Instead of the new Lada Granta, which is sold in showrooms at prices ranging from 750 thousand to one million rubles, you can consider Lada Vesta: for a spicy copy in the secondary market they ask from 500 thousand rubles.

The used Vesta has three advantages over the new Grant.

1. Engine

The new Grant has an anti-crisis eight-valve engine with an output of 90 hp. When it was completed some details were changed and it is still hard to say how this affected the reliability of the device.

Vesta is offered on the secondary market with a variety of engines, including, for example, a renowned 113 hp engine, and even with a variator. It is definitely more dynamic and comfortable.

2. Saloon

Grant not only has less space, but also lacks some useful things, such as a dome light for the rear passengers, USB— ports or heating.

The interior of Vesta, in addition to the above, has a very important plus – the front seats are considered one of the most comfortable in the class.

3. Warranty

The new Grant is, of course, covered by the manufacturer’s warranty – 36 months or 100,000 km (whichever comes first), as well as 6 years from body corrosion. But Vesta purchased on the secondary market under the age of 3 years is also under warranty under the same conditions. For example, a one-year-old car still has a two-year warranty, which does not expire with the transfer of ownership of the car.

And it’s not all “for” and “against”…

Other arguments in this dispute and other alternatives to Grant can be found in the December issue of “Behind the Wheel” magazine – already on sale.

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The material was prepared on the basis of the article by Kirill Mileshkin “Brother against brother”, published in the magazine “Behind the wheel” No. 12/2022.

Source: Z R


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