The expert spoke about the dangers of buying imported foreign cars

Parallel import works and hundreds of cars are imported into Russia. At the same time, it is easier and cheaper for private individuals to import foreign cars. Therefore, a significant part of the cars are supplied to the country by private traders.

The sale of such cars leads to the appearance of fraudulent schemes, warns Vyacheslav Zubarev, president of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association (ROAD).

“Today it is much easier to get a car through a private individual. Because it is cheaper due to the disposal fee. It’s easier to get permission. This is also explained by the fact that it is not imported for commercial purposes. But in fact, in each announcement there are quite a few commercial offers from individuals, ”Izvestia quotes the words of Vyacheslav Zubarev, said by him on the international forum “Russian Industrialist”.

Foreign cars imported by private dealers are often sold through dealers. And that’s not good for buyers.

“Where imports are through private individuals, unfortunately, we and not only here, but nowhere in the world, have failed to eradicate scams. It’s not always fair. And this offer will only expand, there will be misleading customers. Secondly, the defense and filing of claims when buying a car from a private person is almost impossible. Therefore, this is a consumer protection issue,” said the ROAD president.

That is, by purchasing such a car, you can no longer count on the protection of your consumer rights by law. If defects are found, the dealer will quite legally waive his decisions and the buyer will be left alone with him.

At the moment, the problem of this fraudulent plan is being discussed by the Russian Automobile Dealers Association with the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Source: Z R


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