How combat vehicles are repaired on the front line

An army that cannot repair its vehicles and armored vehicles in the field is doomed to defeat, so the Russian army pays great attention to equipping troops with repair and recovery bodies.

First, all equipment has many identical and interchangeable components and assemblies. And it doesn’t matter if it’s an armored personnel carrier or any other car, the details of one car match the other. This allows you to reduce the number of spare parts in army warehouses without the risk of shortages.

In addition, if necessary, you can rearrange the spare part from one vehicle to another and continue the combat mission. But this is far from the only plus of unification.

“The creation of a complex of mobile means for maintenance and repair of armored weapons and equipment on standard unified chassis, in addition to increasing their interspecific universalization, unification and serialization, allows us to optimize the cost of their production and ensures a rational charge of industrial plants,” said Major General Alexander Shestakov in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda, head of the main armored directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Services on wheels

Combat vehicle maintenance is not performed on the knee. For this, the MTO-UB 1 workshop was developed on the chassis of the Ural-4320 car. With incredible off-road capabilities, this wheeled car service has everything you need to maintain and repair a wide variety of armored and automotive vehicles.

Workshop MTO-UB 1 on the chassis of the car “Ural-4320”

Workshop MTO-UB 1 on the chassis of the car “Ural-4320”

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