The cheapest used cars: what’s the catch and how not to miscalculate

Everything is important here: where and how to look, how to check, how much to invest after the purchase.

How to search

The first way to search: an old model, but in a well-maintained condition. Second: a relatively fresh model, but ushatannaya.

Ushatannye in large volumes for the secondary delivery taxi companies. According to the documents, many cars are young, the body may not even begin to rust if no accidents have happened. But everything else after 300-400 thousand km is very likely worn out.

How much to invest?

The purchase of such a machine almost certainly entails additional costs. How much exactly – you can’t determine with a cursory examination.

The most ruinous element in the restoration is the engine. Not all modern engines are equally suitable for repair, many operations require special equipment and certain skills.

New engine foreign cars, of not very complex, are now 250-300 thousand rubles. This is the price of the entire car we plan to buy. So definitely the engine is the most expensive part.

shot piston group with camshafts, phase shifters, pumps and other seals can 100-150 thousand – not a very rosy prospect.

which engine?

So when looking for a high mileage car, it’s reasonable to focus on the engine. Preference is given to those who walk at least 300,000 km without special interventions. That is, with a print run of 200 thousand, they will withstand much more.

Actually, this is the first search path: a certain budget model of 10-15 years with a reliable and resourceful engine. She may have dead suspension and exhaust system. Leaky doors or wings are generally not a disaster either. As long as the thresholds aren’t rotten. Rust is unsympathetic, but does not hinder the ride. If desired, you can perform a cosmetic repair, repair and update, or provide a used part for disassembly.

Millionaire motorcycles from the 90s still exist in nature – mainly on German and Japanese cars. The actual mileage is mostly unknown – many already came to us with a twisted counter. Adventurous option. Suitable for connoisseurs who know how to restore foreign motorcycles with Moskvich parts.

The ideal is an inexpensive mass model with a naturally aspirated petrol engine of a small volume, preferably with a cast iron block (not all aluminum ones lend themselves to high-quality capital), as simple as possible in design.

Eight valves are the first to come to mind. They have long been discontinued everywhere (VAZ copies are an exception), but they are on the secondary market. For example, the Volkswagen BSE 1.6 MPI can be found on various models until 2014. And some of these models fit our conditions – you can get it for 250-300 thousand rubles.

Which box?

Automatic transmissions, especially CVTs and robots, are impractical for journeys of 150 thousand km or more. They are more expensive to repair, it is more difficult to find spare parts for them and not every workshop will commit to repair them. Simple mechanical boxes, originally made according to the spirit, can withstand 250-300 thousand km. And then they still need to be overhauled.


  • Daewoo Matiz for 300 thousand rubles you will find under 10 years. Many have claimed a mileage of less than 100 thousand km – too unrealistic, most likely twisted. The body is almost not resistant to corrosion. Loose suspension. The engines are not bad, but their limit is 250-300 thousand km. And Matiz – well, very small.
  • Hyundai Accent (TagAZ) also rusts faster than average. The G4EC 1.5 engine (102 hp) is not very successful. Problems are frequent and varied (leaks, pump, oil burner), the source is about 250 thousand km.
  • Kia Spectra. Rust fast. The S6D 1.6 engine (101 hp) lives 350,000 km, but after 100,000 you have to replace the oil and water pumps, ignition coils, sensors and stop oil spills along the way. The timing belt wears out by 40-50 thousand.
  • Mitsubishi Lancer IX — A great car of its time. The 4G18 1.6 engine (98 hp) is not bad and can run up to 400 thousand. But at the age of more than 15 years and with a mileage of 250,000 km, the Lancer loses its condition. Spare parts were previously not cheap, but are now scarce.

6 most durable sedans and hatchbacks with mileage up to 300,000 rubles can be found here.

  • “Driving” can also be viewed on YouTube.

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