Calculated how much the owner of Niva Travel will spend in 5 years

The purchase of a new Lada Niva Travel requires a minimum of 998,900 rubles (according to the AVTOVAZ price list). At the same time, just over a million will have to be spent on its maintenance in 5 years’ time, the Price of Auto portal calculated.

The following parameters were set: service life – 5 years, driver age – 35 years, driving experience – 10 years. The average mileage of a five-year-old car is 100,000 km. Place of operation – Moscow and the Moscow region.

Under such conditions, the cost of a car for the above period will be 1 million 040 thousand rubles. You need to spend about 17.3 thousand rubles per month, and 1 km of running will cost 10 rubles and 40 kopecks.

According to the cost structure – 711,270 rubles (68%) goes to fuel, 177,676 (18%) – for insurance (OSAGO + Casco), 117,800 (12%) – for car maintenance, another 2% should be spent on winter tires and road tax .

Source: Z R


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