Those who live with animals will perfectly understand that reflex action of taking out their mobile to take a photo every time they make a funny face or do something worth immortalizing. I think 80% of the photos on my phone are of my dogs and the remaining 20% ​​of friends doing the animal.

In the animal photographs That “mother’s love” comes into play that will make all the photos look good to us, but if you start to analyze them, they may not really be so.

As those gestures or funny moments happen very quickly, we do not have time to frame or adjust parameters, even they themselves seem to realize that you have picked up the phone and change their posture so that you leave them alone with so many photoshoots.

The best of all is that they exist tricks to photograph dogs or other animals that they can’t resist, you know where I’m going right?

Food, strange sounds, balls, gestures or movements that will attract your attention and that is where we will use our ingenuity to get more planned photos of our furry friends.

Pictures of animals with a story behind

Try to prepare a scene to get a more worked photograph, not the typical photo of your dog on the couch. What personality does your dog, cat or pet inspire you? Are there accessories or places that highlight that aspect of the animal? Can you include something in the frame that enhances that photograph?

pictures of children with animals

I remember some pictures of dogs with children from russian photographer Andrey Seliverstov that you’ve probably already seen, they were amazing. In this video you can see perfectly what I’m talking about.

Andrey creates true stories accompanying the dog children. When you look at those photos, you are able to imagine what they are doing, what the children will tell them, how they have been photographing them, etc. They are not the typical photo of the child holding the strap, these types of photos go further and it is only to throw imagination and well, to exaggerate the cold or warm tones a bit.

Focus on the details of the animal

Surely if you stop to observe your pet you will find details that stand out, take the test, try to photograph parts of its body without it coming out completely. The spots of a Dalmatian, the contrasts in color, the pads of the paws, the fangs of your cat when it yawns, the ears against the light or the scales of an iguana.

picture of a cat

Normally we focus on photographing the complete animal but there are details from which to take great photos. Imagine being able to photograph wild animals with a good telephoto lens, what parts would you take out of each animal? The stripes of a zebra? The folds of an elephant’s skin? The legs of a gazelle in the air?

Asking yourself these types of questions will sharpen your mind for when you find yourself in such a situation, and you can practice with your pet in the meantime.

Editing and camera settings

Editing or camera settings will greatly influence the final result and the feel of the photo.

In a photograph of a dog in the snow, increasing the cold tones a bit can be a great idea, a photograph of a white animal on a completely dark ground may ask to exaggerate the lights a bit and contrast the image more to make the subject stand out. Against the background, a photo of a squirrel in the forest in autumn will be well suited to warm tones, etc.

dog in snow

It is the same with movement and camera settings, a dog running at full speed can be a good opportunity to set a slow shutter speed and capture the movement of the animal or maybe take it somewhere with water where it can run through it and set a very fast speed to be able to photograph the water droplets jumping in the air.

animal photography

The ideas are endless, you just have to learn to find the exact moment.

Strange sounds and animals

Have you ever seen them tilt their heads as if trying to understand what is sounding? Grab the camera, focus on it, and make high-pitched noises with your mouth that you’ve rarely heard.

If you are not used to these sounds, your head will start to tilt and it will be a good time to take the photo.

dog photo

Take care of the background

If you take maximum care of the background in other photographs, why wouldn’t you do it in animal photography? Uninteresting background if you can’t organize it it’s better to blur it with a more open opening.

In the event that you can control the scene, organize and clean everything irrelevant in the frame, glasses, clothes, toys, whatever it is so as not to distract from the important subject of the photograph.

photograph dogs

Place the camera below your gaze

Place the camera flush with the ground, select the burst modeIf you use a reflex camera, set the appropriate values ​​for a correct exposure and be prepared to call him.

When he appears running, he focuses on his face and starts shooting without stopping. You can use the AI Servo mode so that the camera follows the animal while it runs or focuses before calling it in a nearby object so that that area is in focus.

photoshoot with dogs

Selfies with dogs

In this section I have little to tell you, surely you have already tried in a thousand ways but you always end up with your face sucked, with your pet looking elsewhere or holding him so that he does not leave the plane.

My trick is to get something that draws you between your fingers who hold the mobile like a piece of a stick or one of their sweets, so I make sure that they will look at the camera while I take the photo, although there are times that even with those they do not free me from the licks …

Tips for taking pictures of my pet

Long ago i saw a accessory that was placed on the mobile and was holding a ball, it may seem like the biggest nonsense in the world but hey, if you take a lot of selfies with your dog it might be profitable for you, check it out here.

animal photographs

Focus on the animal’s eyes

Like people portrait photography, the eyes are very important in these types of photos, so try to place the focus point in the eyes of the animal. Not having as many facial expressions as we do, the eyes are his way of expressing many of his emotions.

Try making a high-pitched sound when he’s distracted and prepare to photograph his shocked face.

take photos with pets

Also don’t be heavy and give him a prize

Before continuing, it goes without saying but do not overwhelm the animal, or force him to do something he does not want if you find it uncomfortable. The last thing we want you to do is associate your cell phone or camera with a bad experience and freak out every time you see it.

If you plan to do a long photo session play with him from time to time so that he does not get bored, he will thank you.

Take advantage of the hours of sleep and fatigue

If despite everything it is still impossible to photograph him, the hours of sleep are perfect. It will not be as active but not participatory and if it falls asleep at all you can take advantage of organize the scene at your whim.

After a long walk or a game session, it will be much calmer to sit or stay somewhere.

photoshoot with dogs

Move slowly

If you intend to do the photo session by talking continuously, giving orders or making sudden movements, I assure you that nothing will go well. Well, if you want to photograph your hyperactive pet then go ahead, squeal, jump, run, dance …

pictures of puppies

Teach him to stay still

If you are one of those who live with turtles, iguanas or chameleons, go directly to the next tip.

photos of animals

Being still is essential to be able to do a photo session with an animal if it is the type of photos you need. I do not understand anything about cats and if this can really be achieved with them but with dogs it is relatively easy and it will be of great help.

There are never enough photos of your pet

In this article on tips for photographing pets I can’t tell you that about being selective, don’t photograph everything that moves. It is difficult to give advice without knowing your pet so taking lots of pictures and learning to anticipate their movements is the best thing you can do to be victorious.

pet photos

There are never enough photos of them, I have a full gallery of my mobile and the most impressive thing is that they have different gestures for each photograph.

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