“Flagship Killer” Realme GT6 review with AI camera and the brightest screen “Gazeta.Ru” tested Realme GT6 with AI camera and the brightest screen in the world 06/20/2024, 11:00


In the box, in addition to the smartphone, users will find a 120 W charging block, USB-C to USB-A cable, silicone case, a clip for removing the SIM tray and documentation.

A film has already been applied to the Realme GT6 from the factory, so you can use the smartphone immediately after unpacking it without worrying about its safety.


Realme GT6 received a glass cover and plastic inserts, which are generally not enough: I want metal frames on the flagship. The back of the screen has curved edges and curves, making the smartphone look very thin.

The back cover here is almost mirror-like, so it instantly collects fingerprints. Even the included case doesn’t help combat this, as it doesn’t cover the entire back panel, leaving the camera area and a large area on its side open.

This spoils the perception of the device, and those who like to carry gadgets without a case will have to face the fact that the smartphone will almost always be dirty. Moreover, dust gets clogged between the chambers and it is very difficult to get rid of this dust.

But you can always reject the film, as the screen is protected by tempered Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2. According to the manufacturer, drop protection is increased by 117% and scratch resistance is 100%. After almost a month of active use of the device, scratches did not really appear on the screen. Additionally, the smartphone is protected from sand, dust and jets of water (or rain) according to the IP65 standard, but it will not survive submersion in water.


One of the most interesting elements of the Realme GT6 is its screen. This is a 6.78-inch OLED matrix with a resolution of 1.5K (2780×1264 pixels) with a dynamic frequency of up to 120 Hz. Moreover, the new product is equipped with the world’s brightest screen, whose peak brightness can reach 6000 nits. For example, in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, this figure reaches 2000 nits, and in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – 2500.

True, you are unlikely to see 6000 nits – the brightness of this level relates to a certain point of the screen under special conditions. In normal use, this figure reaches 1600 nits in automatic mode, without any marketing gimmicks, which is basically enough even when working in direct sunlight.

You can also praise the new product for its thin 2 mm frames from all sides, support for Pro-XDR technology with which photos on the smartphone screen are displayed in bright and saturated mode, fast sensor response at a frequency of 2500 Hz and fast sensor response. PWM dimming with a frequency of 2160 Hz will also be appreciated by users who experience eye fatigue. There’s also a “Natural Tone Mode” function that adjusts the screen temperature according to the environment and works similarly to True Tone on Apple devices.

The screen of the device leaves only positive emotions. The only things I can complain about are the curved screen at the edges, which is a matter of taste, and the advertised claims of 6000 nits, which the buyer will never actually get.


Realme GT6 has a triple rear camera. The main 50 MP Sony LYT-808 sensor with optical stabilization is known to many from the flagship OnePlus 12, Oppo Find X7 and other devices. Apparently this is the favorite sensor of the BBK concern, which includes all these brands. And for good reason; Thanks to its high aperture of f/1.6, the camera can produce rich and detailed images even in low light conditions. Moreover, Realme has a special night mode that takes eye-pleasing photos using artificial intelligence. In terms of detail, such frames are still not clear enough, but they still turn out to be better than those of competitors.

The main module is complemented by a telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom based on the Samsung JN5 sensor with a resolution of 50 megapixels, which can be used not only for zooming, but also for portrait shots or subject photography. The maximum digital zoom of this sensor in photos is only 20x, so it cannot compete with a full-fledged periscope.

There is also an 8-megapixel wide-angle module, which does not have the largest capture angle, but in terms of photography it does its job in a solid four. The smartphone also has a 32 MP selfie camera that produces high-quality images with a wide viewing angle (0.8x).

But if everything is too good in the photo, then the video is sad. The main camera raises no questions – it can record video up to 4K at 60 frames per second or in HDR Dolby Vision mode, but up to a maximum of 4K 30 fps. The overall video quality, including the stabilization of the main camera in any format, can be called truly flagship.

At the same time, the ultra-wide-angle module cannot shoot videos no higher than Full HD at 30 fps! This is inexcusable for a flagship smartphone. Even the selfie camera here shoots 4K at 30 frames per second. However, there is no 60 fps support for this sensor.

Disadvantages include the inability to switch between cameras once you start shooting at 4K 60fps: to switch between the main module and the telephoto lens, you have to drop the quality to 4K 30fps. Also, if you need an ultra-wide-angle camera, you will need to record at Full HD 30fps; This is the only way three cameras can be used simultaneously. And that’s not even close to flagship level.


The new product has a new 4nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chip, which is more of a flagship solution. Realme GT6 with 16 GB of RAM and a built-in 512 GB drive came to socialbites.ca for testing. In this configuration, the smartphone never froze; This is commendable considering that the review unit is a pre-sale device that has yet to receive the final firmware.

In AnTuTu benchmarking, Realme GT6 scored more than 1.53 million points. This is a good indicator on a par with the top flagships of 2023, so you don’t have to worry about the power of the device.

Practically every application runs quickly and without lag. The same goes for games; Some popular games are optimized separately for Realme GT6.

Yes it is First Android smartphone to run Genshin Impact at 1.5K resolution. In this way, you can enjoy high-quality graphics with dense images. Higher resolution eliminates the so-called “ladders” of pixels on the screen. The game runs at 60fps at maximum settings, but during a long gaming session the smartphone still heats up and drops the frame rate to 50.

Optimization was also made for PUBG Mobile, where Realme GT6 can run at 120 fps. True, for this you will need to choose the smallest graphics. But user can set low graphics and smooth picture or high graphics in 60 fps mode. In both cases, the smartphone will work flawlessly, but under prolonged load it will still heat up and the frame rate will drop to 80 fps.

To prevent the frame rate from dropping in games, you can manually adjust the high frequencies for the processor cores and video chip in the Geek Power Tuning setting in the Realme GT6 game menu. However, in this case, the smartphone will heat up more, so you still should not play with this function; It is better to trust automatic mode.

The new product may surprise you with its performance, which will be confidently enough for any task for the next few years, which is why the company calls Realme GT6 “flagship killer”. I immediately believe this, since the power of the device is no worse than more expensive models.

Artificial intelligence

The gadget runs on Android 14 with the proprietary Realme UI 5.0 shell. While some companies focus on generative AI that creates and edits text, Realme decided to focus on predictive AI that helps work with the smartphone. This type of AI is almost abstract and probably not very necessary for most people.

The Smart Loop feature recognizes content on the screen and allows you to transfer content (photos, text, files) to other applications. For example, it is a useful feature already offered on Honor smartphones. This is a useful option for users who often send memes to their friends; Just tap the photo and send it to the person.

Realme GT6 also has a “smart recognition” function so that text from a photo can be copied, but this only works in English and Chinese, which is not very relevant for our market. Maybe the language pack will be expanded in the future.

Finally, artificial intelligence is used to optimize the screen display and preserve eyesight, as well as extend the life of the smartphone and battery and optimize performance depending on the task.

There is nothing similar to ChatGPT or MidJourney on the Realme GT6, which would probably be more useful to most users than all the functions listed above.


Realme GT6 has a 5,500mAh battery that supports 120W fast wired charging. This complete unit allows you to charge your smartphone in approximately 30 minutes. This is not the fastest charging – the same Realme GT3 had a 240W charger that filled the battery in 9.5 minutes.

What the new product does not have is wireless charging, and many users cannot even perceive a device that does not offer such a feature as a flagship. Therefore, for many people, the lack of a useful option can be considered a disadvantage.

Thanks to its larger battery compared to its competitors, Realme GT6 lasts quite a long time. For example, when watching a video on YouTube for an hour with the screen brightness set to 50%, the smartphone charges only 4%, and in Genshin Impact under the same conditions, it charges 14%.


Realme GT6 turned out to be a really interesting device but it has a lot of controversial solutions. There is a good main camera, other modules and video capabilities are limited. The smartphone is not 67 or 68, it does not have the best case with a plastic frame and IP65 protection, and there is also no wireless charging. At the same time, the new product has a good screen and high performance, but all the listed “features” and the lack of eSIM do not allow Realme GT6 to be called a full-fledged advanced device.

So can it be called a “flagship killer”? This parameter has always been determined by the fact that the smartphone offers flagship performance at a lower price.

For Realme GT6, they initially ask for 70 thousand rubles, which may scare away potential buyers.

In Russian retail, Realme has almost no competitors in this category. But if you look at the offers on classified sites and “gray stores”, there are more interesting offers for money. You will have to prioritize when choosing between a “gray” device and Realme GT6 – this smartphone will be able to offer an official warranty and support from the manufacturer in Russia, which for many still remains a decisive factor when purchasing. Otherwise, you can find more suitable devices, but there is no guarantee.

What are you thinking?

Realme introduced its new smartphone, billed as the “flagship killer”. For this, the Realme GT6 has everything you need at first glance: powerful hardware, a good camera and even a system with built-in artificial intelligence. True, video capabilities, design and many other parameters here are very vague, and AI is completely useless. How successful was the new product in socialbites.ca’s review and is it worthy of the title of high-profile?

Source: Gazeta


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