Durov announced the possibility of limiting personal Telegram messages in the Russian Federation 22:09

Users from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will have the opportunity to limit the circle of people who can send them private Telegram messages. The creator announced this reporter Pavel Durov.

He noted that this was a reaction to complaints from Russian-speaking Telegram users who began receiving messages from foreigners calling for mass terrorist attacks. Durov explained that this happened four days ago.

“Within an hour of receiving such complaints, we implemented a number of technical and organizational measures to prevent this activity,” the Messenger’s creator said.

He noted that the restrictions will come into force as of April 1. Durov also announced the introduction of artificial intelligence-based solutions for more effective message filtering.

Before that Telegram was known deleted More than 256,000 prohibited materials according to RKN requirements.

Previous experts said About Roskomnadzor’s attempts to reach an agreement with Pavel Durov.

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Source: Gazeta


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