An erotic figurine was presented for the Genshin Impact game 20.02.2024, 17:01

The company CHIYAN Studio & SHENGGE Studio, specializing in the production of collectible figurines based on popular franchises, announced an erotic figurine in which the hero of the Genshin Impact game named Shogun Raiden appears. In this respect reports VGTimes broadcast.

Performed by CHIYAN Studio & SHENGGE, Shogun Raiden is a maid in an erotic costume. The heroine is dressed in a corset with high heels, black nylons and bare breasts. Just like in the game, Shogun Raiden has thick braided purple hair.

The CHIYAN Studio figurine is made in the scale from 1 to 4. Its height is 45 cm, depth – 25 cm, width – 19 cm. The new product is presented in two versions: one with a stand in the form of a full-length mirror and the other without.

The cost of the basic version is 349 dollars, that is, about 32.3 thousand rubles. At the exchange rate of February 20, 2024 and the price of the Deluxe version with a stand is $ 449 (41.5 thousand rubles). The new product is available for pre-order, but deliveries of the figures will only begin in September 2024.

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Source: Gazeta


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