Android smartphone owners are threatened by MaliBot, a new banking Trojan

Experts of information security company F5 Labs discovered A new MailBot banking trojan targeting cryptocurrency wallets and online banking customers.

According to the research, the functions of the new Android Trojan are not limited to collecting information about the device. The virus can also keep a record of actions performed on the smartphone, calls and messages, launching and deleting applications, sending SMS, as well as overlay and injection attacks.

The main feature of MaliBot is to steal data from crypto wallets and two-factor authentication codes, including Google Authenticator, cookies, bypass Google’s two-step authentication and remote access to the gadget and screenshot.

MaliBot is known to be distributed through scam sites under the guise of various apps such as the popular CryptoApp wallet, MySocialSecurity, and even Chrome.

Experts noted that the new malware is a modified version of another banking virus, SOVA. Currently, residents of Spain and Italy using UniCredit, Santander’s banking services have mostly suffered from MaliBot.

Formerly saidAbout 20% of Android smartphones may be vulnerable to intruders due to Google ending software support.

Source: Gazeta


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