Experts identified the location of the damage to the submarine cable between Estonia and Finland 20:34

It was stated that the malfunction in the EstLink 2 electric submarine cable, which passes between Finland and Estonia from the bottom of the Gulf of Finland, was not caused by an external factor. This was reported by the press service of the Finnish national network operator. Fingrid.

According to the results of the two-day investigation, the damage location was detected on the Estonian side.

The company announced that the recent power line failure does not threaten the functioning of the Finnish energy system.

“The system is working normally,” said power engineers.

On January 5, in the section of the Estlink 1 submarine power cable between Finland and Estonia, dead fault. Natural gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia blocked due to an unusually large drop in pressure and a suspected leak in November.

in the Kremlin commented Damage to the gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia.

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Source: Gazeta


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