They’re fighting over new iPhones at Emirates. They were brought to Russia yesterday. A crowd of buyers in Dubai started a fight in the iPhone queue 09.22.2023, 14:27

According to the newspaper, thousands of customers lined up at Dubai Mall in Dubai to buy the new iPhone model. Khaleej Times. With data Media began to gather at the Apple Store, many of them the day before the start of sales. While he writes NationalThe security guards of the center had to put up a barrier.

According to the images published by the Telegram channel, some buyers waiting in line started a fight. RT. The footage shows dozens of people pushing and hitting each other as they try to enter the store, while security guards try to stop the crowd.

Denis, one of the buyers, said “” that entrance to the Apple store in Dubai Mall is possible only by appointment.

“Apple itself doesn’t have phones, they just let you into the store in a pre-recorded order, so you can’t even go in and look. And so, in principle, there are labels in neighboring stores, but also with an additional warranty and a set of accessories. So, according to the price list, it is impossible to find anything in Dubai Mall, including watches. “But if you close your eyes to the financial issue, you can buy anything,” he said.

According to the man, he managed to buy a smartphone, but the original customer refused.

“I finally bought an iPhone 15 Pro from the E-Max store. There were rejections, so I took them. 1610ue for 128GB <...> Moreover, I paid two thousand dirhams for the phones. They activated it by force and opened it very carelessly. Once they receive the money, their attitude towards you becomes different. They finish things off and open Tax Free for a long time and reluctantly,” Denis shared.

He also added that the smartphones were sold “with an applied warranty” from the store and not from Apple itself.

in other countries

Queues also formed in India and China for the new iPhone. While he writes Hindustan TimesLong queues formed in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex business district and New Delhi’s Saket district from the early hours of the morning, and many people gathered before the stores even opened. One customer said he had been waiting for it to open since four in the morning.

A crowd of more than a hundred people reportedly also gathered at the Apple flagship store in Shanghai, China Reuters. According to media reports, the queue started to form around five in the morning. At the same time, the new smartphones sold out within a minute on Alibaba’s Tmall online store, and the number of pre-orders from China was so large that the iPhones will be delivered to customers by November.

Queues were also noticed in Singapore; Some Apple lovers have also been waiting for the stores to open since the previous day. Straits Times.

iPhone in Russia

The new iPhone 15 was brought to Russia on September 21, a day before the start of worldwide sales, the portal reports At the same time, smartphone sales will start from September 23; On this day, Russians will be able to receive devices purchased via pre-order.

“In the near future, technical experts will test the device line to ensure the correct operation of devices in the Russian Federation,” the portal explains.

Apple introduced a new iPhone model at a presentation on September 12; The series consists of four smartphones: the base iPhone 15 and 15 Plus and the flagship 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. New watches were also shown at the presentation: Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Russian retailers in the name “” prices of new smartphones in Russia. Thus, the cost of iPhone 15 in the M.Video-Eldorado network starts from 130 thousand rubles, iPhone 15 Plus – from 140 thousand rubles, iPhone 15 Pro – from 160 thousand rubles, iPhone 15 Pro Max – from 195 thousand rubles .

Prices for iPhone 15 at MTS start from 124 thousand rubles, 15 Plus from 140 thousand rubles, 15 Pro from 155 thousand rubles and 15 Pro Max from 190 thousand rubles.

On the day the sales started, there was a big fight in the queue for the new iPhone 15 in Dubai. Hundreds of people waited at the mall for two days to buy a new product, but someone tried to force their way into the store. Crowds are gathering outside Apple stores in India, China and Singapore, and phones in online stores are selling out within minutes. iPhone 15 was brought to Russia on September 21, but sales will start only on the 23rd, that is, the day after the start of global sales.

Source: Gazeta


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