Mask praised in Crimea for refusing to activate Starlink in the peninsula 07:02

The actions of American businessman Elon Musk, who refused to activate Starlink to attack the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, are an example of sanity. In this respect DEA News said Vladimir Bobkov, Deputy Speaker of the Crimean Parliament.

“Assuming that Musk really does what he says, this is an example of sanity,” he said.

According to Bobkov, against the background of other politicians in the United States displaying frenzy against Russia, Musk seems like a competent and sober person who understands the importance of keeping the peace.

The previous day, CNN reported that, citing a quote from Musk’s new biography, the billionaire reported: tore Ukraine attacked the bases of the Russian Navy and ordered its subordinates to limit the work of Starlink satellite communications on the Crimean peninsula. It was announced that the businessman feared Moscow’s possible reaction to the “mini Pearl Harbor”, as he believed that Russian troops could launch a nuclear attack in response to the attack by the Ukrainian army.

In July, the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, bearing the call sign “Magyar”, stated that the Russian army has a permissive technology. jam Starlink satellite communication systems.

In Crimea, they called the restriction of Starlink’s work near the peninsula as an example of mental health

Former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter appreciated The chance of NATO countries to remove the Russian Federation from the Crimean peninsula.

Source: Gazeta


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