Google launches its cloud for Southern Europe in Madrid

This Wednesday Google inaugurated Madrid Your new regional cloud for southern Europesome services where national companies are trying to improve connectivity, storage and data management.

The California technology multinational has invested approximately 600 million euros in the deployment of this cloud. powered by three data centers It is located in the Community of Madrid. As explained by Isaac Hernández, head of Google Cloud in Spain, this will allow users to “determine that most services are conducted solely and exclusively in Madrid and therefore do not leave the national territory.” Users of this service are mostly big businesses Like BBVA or Carrefour.

The cloud region, inaugurated in Madrid today, joins the other 32 that Google has rolled out to the world. This network of data centers speed up your customers’ internet connection speedit also guarantees the private management and storage of data in the national territory.

Google Cloud services go even further. A greater connection to the network allows companies using this public cloud to not only improve their services, but also start automating processes, as well as reinforcement systems artificial intelligence or machine learning. Both of these functions require so much computing power that businesses need to turn to cloud services offered by tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. These three companies, located in Spain, dominate the cloud computing market.

The zone, built with the support of Telefónica, “maximum security guarantees“The Spanish administration needs to run services in the cloud. The National Cryptology Center, affiliated with the national intelligence services, applauded the security of Google’s infrastructure and asked the public administration to work side-by-side with the company.

Economic impact

Google’s descent Spain It had been announced since 2020. Then it was announced that the deployment of this infrastructure was sought “accelerate recovery and support economic growthNow, a report by the consulting firm Implement Economics commissioned by the multinational, suppose that this could have an impact on the Spanish gross domestic product (GDP) of up to 1,200m euros and the creation. related to 10,000 new jobs per year.

Source: Informacion


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