The most powerful Intel mobile processors are presented – up to 16 cores, overclocking and a huge thermal package

Intel presented Alder Lake-HX mobile processors, which can rightly be called the most powerful in the segment. They received a heat pack of up to 55 W, and the number of cores reaches 16.

The specifications look like this:

At the same time, processors support overclocking, which will give an additional performance boost. Admittedly, this requires a completely monstrous cooling system. Of course, such processors will only appear in the most powerful and expensive laptops.

The company compares the new products to the Ryzen 6000 processors and claims that the new Alder Lake-HX is much faster than the “red” competitors. However, exact data are not yet available. We have to wait for the release and independent testing.

Other features include:

  • DDR5 overclocking similar to DDR4;
  • Support for Intel XMP 3.0 for DDR5;
  • New Intel Dynamic Memory Boost feature.

There is no release date yet. Russian twitch streamer and blogger Nekoglai had a serious accident

Source: VG Times


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