Latest PS3 and PlayStation Vita update removes most of its functionality

Those in charge of Sony’s video game division provide firmware updates for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Unfortunately, these patches do not correspond to additional pieces of software aimed at improving video consoles or providing greater stability, which is something to be proud of, but those that have the purpose of restricting most of their functionality.

less PlayStation

This means that when the new version of the video console is implemented, owners will find restrictions to manage existing profiles and can no longer use them to create new accounts on the PS Store that will be created using the following pages. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 or PlayStation’s own website. The update also increases security requirements for entertainment systems, forcing owners to use two-step solutions in the login process.

Both the method and the format are unsurprising, as this isn’t the first time the multinational company has used firmware updates to restrict functionality on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Although the decision to close stores is taken back on both platforms, consumers are prevented from making new purchases with a credit card.

Firmware required

Downloading and installing firmware 4.89 (PlayStation 3) and 3.74 (PS Vita) is mandatory for those who want to continue using the platforms’ online resources. Although Sony claims that the changes are made to improve the security of their systems, the restrictions can also be perceived as encouraging these users to adopt newer and, above all, more profitable hardware for the company.

Since the PlayStation 5 was released, the Japanese multinational company has been making decisions aimed at practically “erasing” references to its older consoles from the landscape. Recently, both PS3 and PS Vita owners have been experiencing issues with maintaining their games purchased by users and charged by PlayStation. On both platforms, an alleged “authentication issue” is starting to block access to PS1 games, while the handheld also suffers from issues that prevent many users from purchasing content.

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