Mom hackers. Eight youngest cyber hackers

Lapsus$. 16 years

The Lapsus$ hacker group has made its name in recent weeks by hacking NVIDIA, Microsoft, Vodafone, Samsung, and others. Cybersecurity researchers investigating the attacks tracked down a 16-year-old boy who lived with his mother near Oxford. , Britain, informs Bloomberg. Experts believe he was the head of the group and its ideological inspiration.

It seems that rival hackers posted the teenager’s details online, leaking his address and information about his family. Bloomberg mentions the nicknames White and breachbase in its material. White is noted to be so good at his job that researchers previously thought the attacks were automatic. More details about the young hacker who spearheaded the hacks of big companies around the world could come later.

christopher 5 years

In 2014, a San Diego kindergarten student named Christopher von Hassel discovered a serious vulnerability in Microsoft’s system. This youngest hacker in history made history by bypassing Xbox Live security and logging into his father’s account without knowing the password.

Thus, by entering the wrong password while logging in and pressing the spacebar while re-entering the password, von Hassel successfully hacked into his Xbox Live account and gained access to the games he was not allowed to play.

The boy’s father, Robert Davis, began noticing his son was logging into his account and playing games that were inappropriate for his age. When asked about this, the young hacker showed his father the loophole he had discovered. Robert, a security engineer, was impressed.

A year ago, Microsoft set up a rewards program that offered money in exchange for reporting vulnerabilities. As soon as the company learned of the young von Hassel’s discovery, Microsoft thanked him with four free games, $50 (about 5,000 rubles) and a free annual subscription to Xbox Live. The young hacker’s name has also been added to the list of security researchers who help make Microsoft products more secure.

Betty Davis. 7 years

Betsy Davis, a 7-year-old British woman, had no connection to the hacker world until 2015, when she took part in an experiment by Channel 5 News and VPN provider HMA. He needed to find instructions on how to hack public Wi-Fi networks on his own.

The girl openly demonstrated how easy it is to create a fake open Wi-Fi network and get data from connected devices without private knowledge. During the experiment, the girl created Wi-Fi to steal traffic from one of the volunteers. Davis learned this by watching a tutorial video on YouTube – the whole process took just 10 minutes 54 seconds.

Ruben Paul. 9 years

In 2015, at the age of nine, Reuben Paul embarked on a career as an ethical hacker, determined to make the world a safer place for everyone. It caught media attention by showing how to steal data such as contacts, messages and call logs from an Android smartphone in just 15 minutes.

He founded the Prudent Games studio, which specializes in the development of educational games. It is known in hacker circles as RAPst4r.

Reuben has also dedicated himself to teaching around the world – he is a cybersecurity ambassador.

syphi. 10 years

The story of a girl nicknamed CyFi started in 2011 when she got bored with the speed of the FarmVille mobile game and decided to step up the game. She was then 10 years old.

The true identity of CyFi is not known for certain.

That same year, he told the audience at the Defcon Kids hacker conference that he was tired of playing time-consuming games and decided to find ways to bypass the anti-cheat mechanism. All he had to do was manually advance his smartphone’s time to advance through the game.

ACK!3STX. 15 years.

In 2012, it was learned that the Austrian police arrested a 15-year-old boy suspected of hacking 259 companies over three months. Authorities say the suspect is looking for vulnerabilities and bugs in websites and databases that he can exploit later.

The young man soon admitted his guilt, stating that he was just bored and wanted to somehow prove himself.

Having found a hacker forum that gives members points for successful attacks, the boy set to work. Three months later, it was among the top 50 hackers among the nearly 2,000 users registered on the forum. The fate of the teenager after his arrest is unknown.

mafia boy 15 years

In 2000, Michael Kals, a 15-year-old boy from Montreal known as the Mafiaboy, launched a series of attacks against major websites including Yahoo!,,, Dell, eBay, and CNN. It has caused companies losses estimated at $1.7 billion (about 175.37 trillion rubles) through its activities.

The FBI and Royal Canadian Mounted Police first noticed Kals when he started bragging online that he was responsible for the attacks.

He became the prime suspect when he claimed to have crashed Dell’s website – this attack was not covered by the media, and Kals confirmed the secret services’ predictions.

The attacker initially denied his guilt, but later confessed to most of the charges against him. The Montreal Juvenile Court sentenced him to eight months in prison in 2001. The hacker then received several job offers in the cybersecurity field.

Graham Ivan Clark. 17 years

Graham Ivan Clark is a Russian-American resident of Tampa, USA. He was one of four people behind the biggest hack in Twitter history. dead in 2020. He was 17 at the time of the investigation.

Young and his assistants hacked about 130 Twitter accounts. Celebrities with verified accounts such as Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Floyd Mayweather, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Michael Bloomberg, Wiz Khalifa and Warren Buffett, cryptocurrency exchange accounts AngeloBTC, Binance , Bitfinex, Coinbase, and Gemini, as well as Apple and Uber.

The attackers used hacked accounts for a crypto scam – promising “bitcoin distribution” on behalf of famous personalities. Thus, the cybercriminals were able to earn around $117,000 in cryptocurrency at the exchange rate of that time.

When the decision was announced, Clark was already 18 years old. The young man was sentenced to three years in prison.

Information security researchers have linked the attacks of the notorious Lapsus$ hacker group to a 16-year-old Brit from Oxford. Modern history knows many young hackers who became famous thanks to their activities. About the most popular young cybercriminals – in the material

Source: Gazeta


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