China arrests smuggler who tried to smuggle 160 processors to him

A smuggler who tried to transport 160 Intel processors was detained at Chinese customs. He attached them to his body and tried to hide the chips under his clothes. In addition, there were also 16 smartphones.

The smuggler made a strange move, as he stuck the chips to his own body with electrical tape. Customs officials jokingly referred to him as a ‘processor’ and a ‘ongoing processor’. As it turned out, the cost of “iron” is 50 thousand dollars.

Note that the list mainly contained 11 and 12 generation chips. We also note that a large batch of Radeon RX graphics cards manufactured by XFX was recently seized in China. They were labeled as less powerful solutions for avoiding taxes. In total, authorities seized as many as 5840 video cards worth $3 million. Blizzard decided to ban gamers from the DPR and LPR

Source: VG Times


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