Take a closer look at China, do not forget about Russia. What is the best way to assemble a computer

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Given the suspension of work and deliveries from AMD, Intel, Nvidia and other companies in Russia, most Russians who need to update their computers face component shortages and exorbitantly high prices. Earlier, the website of the German online store Computer Universe saved players from the so-called “excessive offer” and high prices in the Russian Federation, but last month it became known that the store suspended orders from the Russian Federation from March 1.

It wasn’t the only platform that could be used to buy PC parts, consoles, and more. For example, AliExpress is a manufacturer of processors, video cards, motherboards, etc. continues its work, which remains the only familiar platform available to Russians, where it is also served.

Alexander Beslik, CIO of the Russian company HFLabs, said in an interview with socialbites.ca that many European stores no longer accept orders from Russia, but you can order components from AliExpress.

“But it’s good to keep in mind that the cost there will vary depending on the dollar. According to my data,

Although it makes sense to buy only modern processors on AliExpress. By purchasing some of them, you can save up to 10 thousand rubles. Everything else is still cheaper in Russia.

Everything is still available, but the price of iron in our country has already risen and against this background the demand has also decreased. Prices will continue to rise if there are no new large deliveries, ”says the expert.

Belik noted that users who want to save will try to buy relatively inexpensively, but try to buy the most modern kits on AliExpress, which consist of processors, memory and motherboards. However, according to the expert, with such purchases there are a number of risks associated with delivery, the reliability of sellers and the performance of such equipment in general.

noticeable difference

If we talk about processors, for example, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X from Chinese vendors is offered at an average price of about $ 330. the previously described scheme about 37.4 thousand rubles. This processor turned out to be the cheapest in Russian retail in DNS – it costs 45.4 thousand rubles there. On average, its price in competing stores is about 5 thousand rubles higher.

ASUS TUF B550-PLUS motherboard is available in the official ASUS store on AliExpress for $113, which is 12.8 thousand rubles when paid in dollars. On the Citylink website, the same model is already available at a price of 20 thousand rubles.

Over the past few years, due to the rise of cryptocurrency mining, one of the most expensive parts of a computer has been a graphics adapter, also known as a graphics card.

A sufficiently productive NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8 GB graphics card is available in the official MSI store on AliExpress when paid in dollars for 1.4 thousand US dollars, and through a QIWI wallet – 158.7 thousand rubles. In Citylink, the same model is offered at a price of 151.6 thousand rubles.

Kingston HyperX FURY Black RGB 16GB 3200MHz RAM (two 8GB modules) can be purchased from AliExpress for $73. When paying with a QIWI wallet – 8.27 thousand rubles. Two identical modules in DNS will cost 9.8 thousand rubles.

As internal storage, you can choose from the most popular Samsung 1TB SSD EVO 860. A similar price is offered on AliExpress for $ 162 (about 18.3 thousand rubles at the rate of QIWI), and on Yandex.Market. Likewise, the driver itself can be used for an average of 20.4 thousand rubles.

It is better to buy a case, cooler and fan for the case in Russia – at least because the price for them is not much different from the “foreign”.

In total, when buying basic components for a PC on AliExpress, a Russian will spend about 235.47 thousand rubles, and if you assemble a computer, it will turn out to be about 247.2 thousand rubles, if you buy parts in Russia.

Therefore, if you need to assemble a productive computer with up-to-date equipment, you should first find out which item is more profitable to buy in Russia, and which one is more profitable to buy in China. The overall difference in assembly in China and Russia was only 11.7 thousand rubles, that is, 5%.

In addition, it should be understood that purchasing components that are not in an official store or retailer can bring some difficulties when processing the return, if a marriage is detected or the package is lost in the mail. The same problems can be encountered in Russia when buying components from extreme offers and gray shops.

When buying expensive components on AliExpress, you should be absolutely sure that the presented store is, for example, the official store of ASUS, AMD and other brands, and not an individual entrepreneur who looks like large companies. Do not forget about customer reviews, which are also important when choosing a seller.

With the departure of major technology brands and electronics suppliers from Russia, the situation in the PC components market has become more complicated – the prices of processors, video cards and other parts have increased. socialbites.ca says that it is more profitable to buy them.

Source: Gazeta


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