Five lifehacks to unlock your smartphone’s capabilities How to boost your smartphone’s power and use two WhatsApp at the same time?

Animation acceleration

Owners of relatively old smartphones often notice that the interface of the gadget does not work as before. If the system is constantly freezing, there is a working way to speed up the animation, which will make the smartphone look more “agile”.

First, you need to access the developer settings, where the necessary animation options are hidden. To do this, open the “About device” section and find the item “MIUI version” or “Build number”, depending on the manufacturer. Then you need to quickly click on “Build Number” until the notification “You have become a developer” appears on the screen.

After the procedure, go to “Settings” – “Advanced settings” – “For developers”. In this section you need to find the items “Window Animation”, “Transition Animation” and “Animation Duration” and then give the value “0.5x” to all these parameters.

It’s important to note that on smartphones running at a high refresh rate (90 or 120 Hz), this can cause the animation to appear “torn”.

Scroll text input

With built-in and third-party keyboards on smartphones, users can simplify and speed up the process of entering text with a feature called Continuous Typing. This function is most conveniently implemented in Gboard (Google keyboard) and Yandex.Keyboard applications.

Continuous typing, as the name suggests, allows you to type by swiping your finger across the screen. It is much faster and more convenient than conventional writing, especially when walking or swinging in transport. If the keyboard mistypes the word, you can choose from the options in the hints. The more often the owner of the device uses the keyboard and replenishes his dictionary, the better the continuous input will work in the end.

Application cloning

On Android smartphones of many Chinese manufacturers, for example, there is an application cloning function that allows you to install two versions of WhatsApp on one device at the same time. This is especially convenient for users of two SIM cards – one version can be personal, the other works. However, cloning is not limited to instant messengers – there may even be games that are also useful for users with two accounts.

To make a copy of a program or game, you need to open “Settings”, go to “Applications” and open “Clone apps”.

However, it should be noted that some smartphones do not allow you to clone any application. For example, on Xiaomi you can make a copy of any program or game, on Realme there is a list of “approved” applications for this.

performance mode

If the smartphone freezes while working with some games and applications, you can slightly increase the performance of the device. However, it should be borne in mind that this method requires more power consumption and more heating.

To increase the power of your Xiaomi smartphone, you need to go to “Settings” – “Battery” and select “Performance mode”.

In the case of Realme, you need to open “Settings” – “Battery” – “Advanced settings” – “Working mode” and tick the box next to “High performance mode”. In addition, smartphones of the GT series provide a mod of the same name, in which the device becomes more powerful. It can be found in a special section of the battery settings or in the quick access curtain.

If this is not enough, you should put in the game service the necessary games and programs that optimize the operation of the smartphone and give the maximum performance available in the selected applications.

It is important to keep in mind that not every vendor provides such functions in their smartphones. They can be found by searching the settings, for example typing “performance”.

Factory settings

If none of the above methods helped to achieve the desired level of smoothness and performance, you should resort to the last method – factory reset.

It is important to note that after performing a factory reset, the user will lose all installed applications and files located in the device’s memory. Therefore, you should make a backup of all important data beforehand.

As a rule, factory reset helps to make all the applications that installed it, including the permissions given to users to perform background processes, fly out of the device’s memory. Most importantly, this way the user can get rid of almost any pirated program that “eats” RAM and battery, which can be extremely difficult to detect on its own.

After completing this procedure, the smartphone turns into a “new” device in terms of software, and the user will have to perform the initial setup, as when buying a gadget. At the end of the settings, it is important to return all documents and media files and approach the installation of applications in a balanced way, so as not to overload the smartphone. with Telegram channel “Use” It has prepared five useful lifehacks for Android smartphone users that will unlock the potential of their device and help legacy owners improve the performance of their favorite devices.

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