Explore the Hogwarts Legacy with this fascinating game session from the Harry Potter universe

Developers of promising ‘Hogwarts Legacy‘ updates the build status to give a nearly 50-minute preview of how character creation, school exploration, and combat mechanics will work. The customization doesn’t deviate too much from the standard, meaning it has skin presets that you can choose and hide, or customize by changing the character’s face, skin color, accessories, hair, and voice.

So many areas to explore

More than 20 minutes were used to present the diverse spaces of the school, which are huge in themselves, with plenty of detail in each setting and a variety of characters that bring the space to life. In this open world game, we will be able to fully explore the castle, discover different dungeons and secret passages with various puzzles that we have to solve during the course, since the solution of most of them requires certain magical skills learned in the classroom.

The game will be set in the 19th century to avoid interference with the original line. In school you will have to work as well as perform a number of activities such as learning spells to use in duels during adventures, lessons in defense against the dark arts, herbal science and even the creation of potions. that they can be very useful in important moments of adventure. Generally speaking, in ‘Legacy’ you will have to face the dangers that await Hogwarts, dark wizards and characters corrupted by a magical power. The video ends with a fight presenting the different magical abilities allowed in ‘Hogwarts Legacy’.

Long before Harry Potter…

Hogwarts Legacy is an immersive action RPG set in the world, first introduced in the Harry Potter books. “As you explore and discover fantastic animals, customize your character and create potions, master spells, hone your skills, take a journey through new and familiar places until you become the wizard you want to be,” explains the game’s file Coming to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on February 10.

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