Team captain Manu Herrera appeared before the media after the team’s last practice in Alicante. goalkeeper “We realize that we did not do things well or did not do everything we needed to do to achieve victory. “This Sunday will be another beautiful challenge, we can give more and we are preparing for it.”

Sunday’s fight will be against Bilbao Athletic «in a field that breathes football against good partnership», as Manu pointed out before his visit to Lezama. A game where the goalkeeper hopes “we’re all set so the coach can create eleven guarantees to get 3 points”. The match will be played at 12:00 on Sunday. and the captain concluded that “no matter who plays, we should all help our teammates because victories benefit the group”.

international academy

On the other hand, born Intercity International Academy As an important link in the project created by Intercity Group. This new project starts thanks to the alliance with Feel Spanish Football, which consists of professionals specializing in Private Football Training, with recognized prestige and background and experience in different countries and some of the most important clubs in the world.

Intercity International Academy was founded with the mission of bringing its methodology and working model closer to the rest of the world and enabled CF Intercity to rise in 4 categories in 5 years. This new project brings the vision of Spanish football closer to the rest of the world, internationalizing Intercity’s proprietary methodology and introducing it to both male and female players, coaches, teams and clubs.