Habit is sticky, sticking to behavior, spreading like a damp patch in a corner. You have to oppose it, reminding it that you exist and you have a will, that despite its immense power it can and must be fought against. don’t make it leave you at the mercy of ghostsfrom those who were subjected to the worst treatment, from those who convinced you that nothing can change, that the cycle is endless, that your destiny has changed.


  • Hercules started the year well

After that watching the team fail eight years in a row have worse or better expertise, herculism tries to hold on to an idealrepresents the rookies’ revolution on and off the court. Those who don’t remember anything and no one are the players and coaches who chose to take the full responsibility of finishing the league at the top without needing anyone, of being the champion in Christmas and May, without any spurs. From the first day they put on the shirt or enter the office, Paco Pena, angel Rodriguez and Marcelo Djaló, who were discharged this summer, argued that there was only one way: win, win and win again.

► An anomaly of enormous value

It is very difficult to achieve what the technical secretary and coach have accomplished, to gather enough talent in a short time and put it to work as a block from the first game, to be noticeable even when the power is low. This is as extraordinary as it is commendable, which is why applause was heard again in the stadium as the audience stood up.

From where you came in, with all the fog, poison, general fatigue, mental exhaustion, emotional emptiness, it was more important than ever to start the race well. a being addicted to destroying everything at the slightest shake. Objectively, it was difficult to predict the evolution of the project, let alone believing that something noble could get in the way of finishing the last exercise and wasted time getting started on the next exercise. But sometimes, very rarely, the faith of a few breaks the stubbornness of many… luckily for humanity.

► Very clear ideas, low profile and a lot of patience

Hercules falling into Paco Peña’s hands wasn’t a gift, and yet the former captain felt that way, even though it made the most sense to continue on a project where the possibility of being burned to death was endless. little. The technical secretary changed everything. In a calm, conciliatory mood, he managed to narrow down the roster that the property intended to renovate to just two, a few home players. Raul Ruiz Y Nico EspinosaStepping on Rico Pérez’s lawn is an illusion cultivated since childhood.

This was his second victory, the first, to take the lead over Pontevedra and pick his coach, a man who wasn’t really afraid to bear the weight of responsibility. His speech permeates and continues with the facts over time.That’s what it really costs. Nobody believes that everything will go well from now on, that there will be no tremors, hard days or very bad moments, but when they do, it is better to be in the hands of someone who never loses their perspective on their future. .

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► The best are hungry, challenging leaders.

Hercules took the field on Sunday without a player from last year. He advanced with them and resolved the conflict with one of the most dazzling eleven. alvarito, Victor Eimil, maxi river They have everything to make money, but they want to prove it to themselves and to the crowd, they want to be successful and they know they have bright profiles on their side who are willing to empty themselves for a higher purpose. set. They are smart, they come from where they came from, they know very well that they will not go to an unforgettable place alone.