Purpose Elche CF completing the template is trying to sign a centerHe, to improve the defenders currently on the roster if an interesting player comes out at a good price. But the owner of the Elche club, Christian Bragnikand technical secretary Sergio ManteconThey take it easy. At the Franjiverde establishment, hours before the close on September 1, they are aware that the market will experience crazy moments and they want to wait if a good opportunity arises.

Meanwhile, they arrive at Martínez Valero. lots of offers from agents looking for a destination for their players. Among them Colombian Jason Murillowho wants to leave Sampdoria and he returned to Spain, where he was already in the First Division. Granada, Valencia, Barcelona and Celtic. Ruben Vezoalso looking for an outlet i grew up After relegation to the Second Division. In fact, he wasn’t called up for his first league game because although he’s in good physical shape after completing the entire prep period, his head is not on the Granota team. Another defender they have recommended to many teams since the beginning of the summer is: Victor Laguardiaterminated his contract with Alaves and it’s free. But at 33, it looks like he’s already missed the train to keep playing in top flight.

For now, Bragarnik, as usual, does not lose patience, and everything, except surprise, points to this: if a new exchange ends up coming it will be in the last hours or days before the market closes.. Elche has a maximum of five players for this position: Enzo Roco, Pedro Bigas, Gonzalo Verdu, Diego Gonzalez and youth team John Chetauya. The captain had to have surgery but could be back in less than a month. Francisco has already stated that they will bring someone “if he gets well and comes to help” and not “what they bring just to bring”.

Tete Morente and Espanyol

Meanwhile, rumors about the possible signing of the deal in Barcelona are growing. Spanish of the Tete Morente. has a fringe-green tip Contract with club from Elche until 2024. Digital “La Grada” assures that there are contacts with Elche and Bragarnik requested. 3-4 million euros for the transfer. With less than two weeks left to finish the market and in the franciverde establishment, if Espanyol offers a good amount, they will consider letting the Cadiz football player go, but this forces them to look for a replacement. Tete Morente can play on the right and left and right, exactly Elche doesn’t have enough soldiers, now even more with Fidel’s injury.