Zagitova says she wants to interview Putin

Olympic champion Alina Zagitova, who studied at the Faculty of Journalism, said with whom she would like to interview.

“I interviewed everyone there in the Ice Age as a host. It was very good practice for me as a journalist. Who would you like to have a great interview with? Ah, I don’t know… with Vladimir Vladimirovich! Why? But, of course, although I don’t plan to do that , I still do not have enough experience, ‚ÄĚsays Zagitova DEA News”.

Zagitova is the Olympic champion (single skating) and silver medalist (team tournament) of the Olympic Games – 2018. The athlete also has World Championship – 2019 gold, 2018 and 2019 European Championship gold and silver.

The skater missed the 2020 and 2021 competitions, but hasn’t announced his retirement since. In February of this year, Zagitova was captained in the Channel One Cup team tournament, which the Red Machine team won.

After the suspension of her sports career, Zagitova began her career in television, spending two seasons of the Ice Age program as the host.

In June, the figure skater held a boxing master class.

Previously Irina Slutskaya answered which of the skaters can make a career in television.

Source: Gazeta


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