20,000 subscribers. The target figure set by Elche at the beginning of the season ticket campaign has been exceeded, just two weeks before the official competition starts and much more time before the closing of card sales for next year. Sales reached a very good level almost from day one and even exceeded the expectations of the club when it opened to all interested parties, not just last year’s renewal.

In this way, fans seem to have cast their doubts behind the pandemic, which caused a slightly lower-than-expected figure in 2021/22 due to the still existing restrictions on entry to major venues. It also helps promote the campaign statewide with the aim of reuniting all franjiverdes fans in Alicante.

The movement of the last few days has invited us to think that the initial 20,000 subscribers would be insufficient, so now it will reach 25,000, that would be a real success. This will help get the season off to a good start and the official status of one or more special signings throughout the month of August.

In the staff themselves, the development of the season ticket campaign is greeted with a smile of hope. Gonzalo Verdú and Diego González accepted them last. “The subscriber count is insane. These twenty thousand barriers will be overcome almost without signing. It will be a very good year,” said the captain. “We had an argument in the locker room and we got goosebumps,” the Andalusian added.