The side effects of Kylian Mbappé’s scare continue to bear fruit at Real Madrid. carlo ancelottialready pointed to Brazil in the day Richarlison Interestingly, he insisted that the team needed reinforcements in the offensive as an alternative to Benzema.

Mayor of Getafe

Italian today has attendance Mayor of Borja Y Mariano for the front. He wants to go out in search of the first, minute, and recover the lead role he had in his first season. RomeHe played 45 games and scored 17 goals. The 25-year-old Mayoral almost closed his march. Getafewhere he spent the end of last season on loan. Carletto He said he would have minutes as an alternative. Benzemahowever, the striker confirmed his intention to leave, seeking more opportunities for the coach.

This will increase the options Marianowhich player ancelotti and the club has no faith. Came from Mariano olympic de lyon By signing five season and five million net contracts in the summer of 2018. The Hispanic-Dominican stuck to his contract, although his role was absolutely insignificant, scoring seven goals in four seasons. The club received offers for the striker, but Mariano refused to leave, sticking to his contract. This is something that invites thinking that last season will not change the situation and will finish its fifth season in the white box between the stands and the bench. Ancelotti believes in meritocracy, and the Whites’ academy player hasn’t done enough to win these opportunities.

The other alternative is to place it. Eden Hazard in 9 false, something Carletto It was successful throughout the pre-season, but failed to deliver convincing results as the Belgian did not finish responding. In this case Madrid, the community scours the market in search of a striker who is cheap and plays a secondary role. Florentine Perez Y José Angel Sanchez they do not want to give money and this has led them to reject offers such as the following. Gabriel Jesus anyone Rasheem Sterling. first liked ancelotti, but its price was too high for a substitute. this Arsenal In the end, he signed for 52 million, which is a high amount for whites.

From Endrick to Bellingham

in their offices Bernabeu It is clear that the investments will be made by the players of the future, such as Brazilians. endrickContrasting cracks from palmeiras or as-is mbappe or is it hailand. British among whites’ favorite stars Borussia Dortmund Jude Bellingham with a price of 120 million and in addition to whites Liverpool Y Chelsea.

Real Madrid also has two open exits. Marco Asensio Y Daniel Ceballos. ANDHis first contract expires in 2023 and the club made him a renewal offer to which he has yet to respond. Considering this situation Sanchez He asked his representative jorge mendesoffers to sell it and make its output profitable. But Milandoes not reach the 40 million that most interested, whites want. The other is Dani Ceballos, a very loving actor. ancelottibut who wants to go Betis To stand out because Madrid has six players ahead of him. this premier He loves him and there are tempting offers, but he just wants to go to Betis and Verdiblancos can’t reach the 20 million that Madrid wants for Sevillian’s transfer.