American basketball player and Olympic and world champion Brittney Griner, who was accused of drug possession and trafficking, admitted responsibility for the incident. presence marijuana however, he criticized the irregularities committed during his detention in Russia.

“I had no intention of promoting anything illegal, but I take responsibility for what they find in my bags”Griner said at a court hearing in Khimki, Moscow region.

The actor, who appeared while sitting in a cell again, emphasized:uses marijuana as an analgesic to relieve pain in his knees, but never during the competition.

Moreover He admitted that he knew it was illegal to bring marijuana into Russian territory, but cited fatigue and haste as excuses.

“During the search, I did not expect to see this preparation either. He had no desire to violate any Russian law. “I think I was in a hurry, I haven’t fully recovered yet (from covid-19), so I put everything in the bag,” he said.

In his defence, despite the US recommending not to travel to Russia, team flew to Moscow so as not to disappoint Yekaterinburg UGMK.

“While I don’t want to, I admit my guilt for what happened.. I understand the blame but I didn’t want to save anything‘, he pointed.

In response, he denounced Sheremétevo airport officials and customs officials last February. Because they were written in Russia, they did not know the contents and were forced to sign the documents without any explanation, without a lawyer.

Also, after meeting with his wife and his representative in the USA, his mobile phone was confiscated and his rights were not read to him, then he was handcuffed.

this The trial will continue on August 2 with the questioning of the expert. Investigator of the marijuana found in Griner’s suitcases.

At the time, the U.S. Department of State condemned Griner’s arrest, his lawyers informed the court that his client was prescribed cannabis for medical use.

Griner wrote earlier in the month A letter to US President Joe Biden that he was “afraid” of staying in Russia He sought help to free other Americans held forever and abroad.

NextThe White House reported that Biden “personally” took the WNBA player’s release.

31 year old athlete double world and Olympic champion with his country, He was detained at Moscow’s Sheremetvo airport on February 17, after customs officers found cannabis oil in his suitcases.

Then hebasketball player arrested for drugs and smuggling and has been in custody ever since.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov He denied that the criminal process against the basketball player had a political background.

According to the local press, Russia and the US may be negotiating the player’s trade with Russian arms dealer VíktoHowever, he is known as the “death dealer” and is sentenced to a prison sentence in an American prison.

But he is sentenced to 25 years in prison for conspiracy, among other things. Killing US citizens and selling weapons to the ex-Colombian FARC guerrilla organization.

Lately, Russia and USA trade American student Trevor ReedSentenced to nine years in prison for resisting arrest by Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking in the United States.