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Athletic journalist told what salary Kaprizov deserves


Journalist athletic Dom Lushchishin shared the opinion of the National Hockey League (NHL) Kirill Kaprizov on the salary of the Russian forward of the Minnesota Wild club.

To date, Kaprizov has signed an agreement with the “savages” for a period of five years, with an average annual salary of $ 9 million.

“I expect his value on ice to approach $13 million per season over the next four years. Signing a contract with him for less than $10 million a year has turned into a bargain,” he said.

It was previously reported that Minnesota Wild player Kirill Kaprizov’s contract is up. logged in Top 10 in the National Hockey League. The rating did not take into account contracts placed on the long-term abandonment list.

Kaprizov’s contract is designed for 4 seasons, earning $9 million per season. Best contract with Colorado Avalanche guard Cale Makar (5 seasons, $12.5 million). The remaining hockey players from Russia are not included in the top 10.

Recall, the media reported that Kaprizov was suspected of buying military tickets, and law enforcement officers were conducting search activities.

The hockey player attempted to leave Russia to go to the United States, where he played for Minnesota, where he moved in 2020. He could not do this as he did not have a work visa. Kaprizov tried to do this first through Dubai and then through an island country in the Caribbean. The Russian was twice rejected.

Source: Gazeta



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