Medvedev was expected to have a tough match with Alcaraz at Wimbledon 09:50

Famous former tennis player Andrei Olkhovsky said that Russian Daniil Medvedev will face a tough match against Spanish representative Carlos Alcaraz in the Wimbledon semi-finals. His words are a guide Live Result.

“It will be a tough match against Alcaraz, just like against Sinner. Medvedev played five sets against the Italian. It will be tough for him, but you have to be ready, and Danya showed that he is in very good shape,” Olkhovsky said.

Medvedev and Alcaraz will play in the semifinals on July 12, with an estimated start time of 15:00 Moscow time.

In the quarterfinals, Medvedev defeated Italian Jannik Sinner. The match, which lasted about 4 hours, ended with the scores 6:7 (7:9), 6:4, 7:6 (7:4), 2:6, 6:3.

Before that, Medvedev reached the quarterfinals at Wimbledon after being rejected by Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov. With the score 4:3 in favor of the Russian, the Bulgarian athlete took a medical break due to injury. He returned to the court a few minutes later, but after a rally he refused to continue the fight.

On March 6, the International Tennis Federation announced that it had decided to allow Russian and Belarusian tennis players to compete in the Olympic Games in France with neutral status. The Russians and Belarusians will be eligible to compete in the 2024 Olympics if they adhere to the principles of neutral athletes previously formulated by the International Olympic Committee. Medvedev accepted the invitation and will play in Paris.

Medvedev earlier explainedWhy is it difficult to play against Alcaraz?

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Source: Gazeta


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